Why Beakwings?

Why Beakwings?

Beakwings is a clothing brand that celebrates the beauty of birds and nature.

Birds are beautiful creatures. They soar through the sky; their feathers are bright and beautiful, and they possess a fantastic personality. They are a source of inspiration for us at Beakwings, and we want to bring some of that beauty into our clothes.

Our Why

We are losing 13% of bird species, and bird populations are decreasing rapidly. There are many reasons why birds go into extinction. The top 5 reasons are illegal pet trade, pollution, destruction of habitat, unsustainable hunting and predators, climate, and catastrophic events.

The illegal pet trade is one of the biggest threats to birds. Many people keep exotic birds as pets without knowing how to take care of them properly. When you buy an exotic bird from a store or breeder, you don't know if that bird was raised in good conditions or not and if they have been treated well—this can lead to diseases and even the death of your new pet.

Illegal exotic bird trade, this breaks my heart 😔

Pollution is another threat to birds' lives because they have sensitive respiratory systems that can be damaged by pollutants like heavy metals, acid rain, and pesticides (from spraying). When there is pollution in the air, it can cause breathing problems for birds and make them sick! Also, when there is too much litter on the ground, it makes it hard for them to find food because they cannot see well enough through all the junk on the ground.

Habitat destruction is one primary reason we are losing many bird species these days. For example, people cut down trees to build houses and new developments. For instance, there could be a specific type of tree where birds create their nest, like the tree "Tabebuia caraiba" used by the Spix Macaw for nesting and roosting, and without this tree, the Spix Macaw can't build a nest and therefore, a threat to their existence.

Birds play an essential role in our ecosystem by controlling pests and helping pollinate plants. They also help maintain the health of forests by dispersing seeds as they travel from place to place in search of food or a mate. Birds are essential for our health because they eat insects that carry disease-causing organisms like viruses and bacteria.

Birds are the most diverse and abundant group of animals in the world. With over 10,000 species, they are also highly diverse in form, size, and coloration. However, we are losing them at an alarming rate.

Beakwings is using eco-friendly materials to save the planet

Made from sustainable 100% Supima cotton fabric, organic cotton and recycled materials, Beakwings' clothing combines function with fashion to create stylish and practical pieces. Each item is hand-dyed using environmentally friendly dyes, resulting in a soft feel and vibrant colors that will never fade!

In addition to being environmentally conscious, each piece features a critically-endangered bird specie — like the Spix Macaw — with information about their conservation status.

Beakwings is a massive advocate for the conservation of birds and the environment. We believe that sustainability and eco-friendly materials are essential to save wildlife habitats. Being an ethical brand is an integral part of our mission.

We also try to use sustainable materials like buttons made out of Corozo— a sustainable and eco-friendly natural material.

Vision and Mission

Part of our mission is to help associations that work diligently to preserve and care for threatened birds by offering financial help through the sales of our products. We have pledged a percentage for every garment sold to help projects such as the Spix Macaw project and The Nest project for The Blue-Throated Macaw.

Our vision is to create advocates and spread the word in their groups, communities, schools, universities, and work environments. You will automatically become an advocate primarily for the most threatened species by wearing our clothes. Another pillar of our vision is to create partnerships with associations worldwide and support their cause.

"Our mission is to save endangered species through fashion."

We believe that people make a difference when they know about things that matter. We are here to share information about endangered bird species and inspire you to get involved in helping them.

The ultimate goal is to save the most threatened birds from extinction and continue preserving the least concerned ones.

Thanks for being part of Beakwings!

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