Meet The Blue Throated Macaw: The Bird That Inspired Our Limited Edition Shirt.

Meet The Blue Throated Macaw: The Bird That Inspired Our Limited Edition Shirt.

Beakwings dedicates to bringing you high-quality, eco-friendly clothing that tells the stories of birds in need. We aim to ensure every garment you purchase helps protect birds in the wild, so you can feel good about what you wear.

The Blue-throated macaw inspires our second exclusive shirt. This critically endangered bird has an estimated population of 312-455 individuals. Threats to its survival include habitat loss, the trafficking of illegal pets, and human recreation.

The Details

Color theory

Bolivia is home to the beautiful, vibrant blue, yellow-throated macaw. They are among the rarest birds on earth.

The turquoise-blue wings and tail, as well as the bright yellow underparts and blue under tail coverts, give the Blue-throated Macaw its striking coloration. Blue cheeks and a continuous blue throat are present.

We are pretty particular about the hues we choose for our shirts. We know that countless color shades and tint combinations are available and that each photograph has distinct lighting, focus, and tint.

Millions of different pixels make it simple to become lost, but we've done all the work for you. Given that it can be challenging to pick just one color, we have chosen various hues similar to those of the Blue-throated Macaw.


Made with 100% Supima Cotton

Because Supima cotton is twice as robust as ordinary cotton, the resulting items are incredibly durable. Longer fibers are more durable and maintain their shape for longer-lasting fashion and home products because they resist pulling, breaking, and tearing.

Due to its exceptionally long staple length, Supima is inherently softer and more opulent. The length of the fiber results in softer, pill-resistant fabrics with smoother, cleaner yarns; for this reason, products will have a luxuriously soft feel and continue to get softer over time.

The more delicate strands of Supima absorb color with a thorough, long-lasting penetration. As a result, the product has superior color retention to typical kinds of cotton. Wash after wash, Supima products maintain brightness, offering you many years of use.

Supima is able to authenticate its cotton across the entire supply from the fiber and yarn to the fabric and finished product at retail. This complete transparency enables an open dialogue about all relevant facts, including point of origin, sustainability, and social and economic responsibility aspects. Supima’s transparency is based on forensic science analysis of the natural fiber itself revealing its place of origin.


Branded Corozo Buttons

Renewable Resource: It does not require cutting down trees because the buttons are made from the tree's nut. Once mature, the Tagua nut trees can produce 15 – 25kg of nuts annually for 100 years.

  1. The organic fibers that makeup Corozo are coiled very tightly, giving our buttons remarkable durability and scratch resistance.

  2. Natural Material: Corozo buttons decompose more quickly than plastic buttons, lowering the amount of plastic waste in the ocean and landfills.

  3. Incentives to Protect The Rainforest: Banana plantations and cattle ranches, two businesses that frequently result in rainforest deforestation, can yield up to five times as much revenue as natural rainforest products like Corozo.

One of the many reasons we utilize corozo buttons in our designs is their adaptability and biodegradability, which make them perfect for use in sustainable textile production. 


Eco-friendly Dyes

We collaborate with companies that exclusively use natural colors. They have always been committed to spreading environmental awareness. They always employ sustainable methods in all of their business operations and initiatives. More information to come.

Compostable Tags, Labels and Packaging

We strive to use environmentally friendly materials in our products because we believe in sustainable and zero-waste packaging and labeling.

We're delighted to be part of the drive toward sustainable packaging to reduce waste. We hope you'll do the same.

Beakwings' goal is to deliver high-quality goods without sacrificing the sustainability of the environment.

Mission and Goals

Our goal is to help support by selling our items and donating to organizations that carefully protect and care for endangered birds. We have promised to donate a portion of the proceeds from each item sold to the Blue-throated Macaw project.

We aim to mobilize supporters and raise awareness in their associations, neighborhoods, communities, academic institutions, and workplaces. Wearing our clothes will cause you to immediately become an advocate, especially for the most endangered species. Our strategy also includes forming alliances with organizations worldwide to advance their goals.

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