Kakapo: The Endangered Bird Inspiration for Our Future Exclusive Shirt Design

Kakapo: The Endangered Bird Inspiration for Our Future Exclusive Shirt Design

Kakapo (Kākāpō) is a fascinating bird that caught my attention not just because it's a critically endangered parrot but also has unique characteristics and distinctions from other parrots. The Kakapo is found only in New Zealand, where they live in the inner forests on the partially covered ground, in underground caves, and beneath large logs. These herbivorous birds graze for a variety of native plant species' leaves, roots, bark, and seeds on the ground as well as in the treetops for fruit. The Kakapo is a very special bird!

Why do we want to advocate for the Kakapo?

Beakwings' mission is to identify the most threatened bird species and create clothing garments that represent their beauty. Furthermore, as you support our clothing brand, we want people to advocate for these birds.

We believe that the world needs more than just fashion—it needs style with a purpose. So, in addition to providing you with stunningly elegant apparel, we hope to inspire you to be a voice for the birds who need it most.

"Beakwings wants to contribute to the Kakapo project and be part of the conservation efforts. The idea behind Beakwings was born when we realized how many rare and beautiful birds are disappearing from our world. By creating clothing representing these birds, we hope to bring awareness of their plight and encourage people to protect them."

Why is the Kakapo Endangered

Kakapo was widespread in New Zealand before human populations started to appear. Due to hunting, newly introduced predators, and land developments, population numbers rapidly decreased. Conservation efforts started in 1894, but by the middle of the 20th century, Kakapo was in danger of going extinct.

In 2009 there were only a few Kakapos (19), and extinction seemed a possible event.

Why is the Kakapo Unique

The Kakapo is a big green parrot with a face resembling an owl and a waddling walk. Although they cannot fly, they are good climbers.

Few Things that make the Kakapo a unique bird:

  1. It is a Nocturnal bird

  2. Kakapo can't fly

  3. The only lek-breeding parrot species in the world*

  4. According to estimates, one of the world's longest-living bird species can live up to 90 years.

  5. The biggest and heaviest parrot species in the world, with males weighing 2.2 kg and smaller females weighing 1.4 kg.

  6. You know what else? They have an amazing sense of smell!

*I did not know what Lek-breeding meant, so I looked it up.

According to the University of Otoga in New Zealand:

"A lek breeding system is employed by some polygynous species and is characterized by aggregations of males that females visit primarily for breeding purposes; this results in strong sexual selection pressures on the lek, as males compete for females and females 'choose' between males."


The Hope

Kakapo Recovery in New Zealand has recently stated that there were around 150 in 2014—a successful increase but still insufficient to protect them from extinction. These unusual species are preserved by living on a set of protected islands without predators and receiving much technology-assisted care.

To safeguard the critically endangered Kakapo, scientists, rangers, volunteers, and donors collaborate via Kakapo Recovery.

Thanks to these efforts, the population has increased to 197 Kakapos.

I invite you to contribute to the efforts to protect the Kakapo and preserve this beautiful bird together.

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