Green is for Military Macaw

Green is for Military Macaw

The Military Macaw is one of the bird species I hold dear to my heart. It's one of the most beautiful parrots in the world not just because of their green lime color and lovely red forehead or their cute stubborn personality and charisma.

Military Macaws (Ara militaris)

A brief history

The Military Macaw is a vulnerable species according to the IUCN Red List on the scale of endangered birds. There are approximately 2,000-7,000 mature individuals in the wild. Due to habitat quality and multiple threats such as commercial developments, mining, hunting, and the illegal cage bird trade, the population is decreasing. The military macaw population extends from the arid areas of Mexico to the subtropical regions of central and South America.

Military Macaw

Military Macaw flying on the coasts of Costa Rica

According to the Red List, to help with the conservation of Military Macaw, the goal is to establish new protected areas near the appropriate habitat. Salazar's Nayarit in Mexico has been designated critical habitat for the species and has been used in conservation strategies. In Mexico, secure national areas cover only 5% of the species' potential distribution. The most significant populations don't live within protected areas; consequently, maintaining crucial habitats outside the protected area is required. To preserve breeding and feeding grounds, at least 30% of forests within the species' probable range in Mexico should be conserved.
Also, improve the management and public awareness activities in national parks and across the terrain. Conservation programs like monitoring, replanting, and education should engage local communities. And Lastly, Encourage ecotourism to decrease forest loss and illicit wildlife capture.
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