Bird-Inspired Fashion: Your New Favorite Trend

Bird-Inspired Fashion: Your New Favorite Trend

Can We Not Love Bird-Inspired Fashion?

If you've ever given the birds-eye view a second glance while walking in the park, you're probably looking at this article with a raised eyebrow. If so, I get it— bird fashion isn't something that jumps out at most people. But there's good news for those who love nature. Bird fashion is finally getting its moment to shine on the catwalk and beyond! Here are some of my favorite ways to bring bird-inspired fashion into your life:

Say Hello to Bird-Inspired Fashion

Bird-inspired fashion is a great way to show your love for nature and birds. It's also a great way to showcase your style, which is why this trend is growing in popularity among fashionistas everywhere!

Bird-inspired fashion is a trend that has existed for years, but it has recently been making a comeback. Bird-themed designs have been around for centuries, with some of the most famous examples coming from cultures such as Egypt and India. These ancient civilizations were fascinated with the idea of birds and how they could be used to decorate clothing.

Nowadays, many types of bird-inspired clothing range from casual to formal attire. For example, you may wear a pair of aviator glasses or sport some feather earrings if you're shopping at Nordstrom during your lunch break! The possibilities are endless for "this" bird-style trend.

At Beakwings, we are making two macaw-inspired shirts for our first launch. Our goal is to highlight a critically-endangered bird with our clothing, not just shirts but many different types of garments. Our primary source of inspiration is the color sets that each bird has, which are unique. Again, the possibilities are endless.

The Colors

  • Bright colors. Birds are often brightly colored, making them easy to spot from afar. You can use this to your advantage by dressing in bright colors that draw attention to yourself, like yellow or orange.

  • Pastels. Birds' natural habitat is often lush and colorful, so pastels are a great way to tap into the bird aesthetic without being too obvious (which can come off as tacky). Try adding light blue or pink to your wardrobe next time you shop!

  • Neutrals. You might think black or white isn't the best choice for a bird-inspired look because they lack color—but think again! These two neutral shades go well with many other bright hues and will make any outfit pop more than usual, thanks to their contrast against brighter colors like reds and oranges. Plus, black is flattering on all skin tones, while white shows off any print on an outfit beautifully—so there's no reason not to include some neutral pieces in your closet!



The feathers and wings of birds are a significant inspiration. Think bold colors, intricate shapes, and vibrant hues. Birds have striking patterns on their bodies, so you can take inspiration from these colors to create your unique designs.

The shape of birds is another common motif in bird-inspired fashion. The most famous example is the peacock-inspired silhouette, from Kim Kardashian's Instagram photos to Young Thug's music video for "Family Don't Matter." If you want to be literal about it, this might not be the trend for you (but if it's what makes you happy, then go ahead). But there are plenty of other ways to incorporate this concept into your wardrobe without being too literal about things!

The bird prints have a wide variety in size, weight, color, and the place where the birds are. We can choose to use these various patterns and prints for clothes, shoes, bags, interior decors, and much more. The popularity and hype created by these bird patterns come in various garments for men, women, and kids. You may need some advice or guidance when choosing a suitable bird print.

Birds are a popular theme for printed products because they are naturally majestic, beautiful, and colorful. Birds have a positive effect on our minds, and that's why people love them so much.

Though the bird patterns are widely available in the market, there are still a few bird pattern designs that you can customize. That's because there is an endless list of species of birds. From flamingos to ibises to tweety-birds, if the name fits the bill, you can find a bird design that will suit your taste.

Beakwings is all about bird-inspired designs.

Beakwings is a brand that specializes in bird-inspired fashion. We are a brand inspired by the birds' colors and specific features such as the eyes and beak colors. Our clothes represent and symbolize the bird as a whole. Our clothes will go beyond just the art of mimicking the colors. One of the essential aspects is not just the designs but the sustainability of materials.

We aim to provide our customers with the top fashion and style in a way that strongly considers the environmental impact. We are inspired by birds and want to bring our passion for birds to everyone. With our brand, we hope to promote and help inspire future designers interested in bird-inspired clothing and bring great fashion to you.

Inspired by the Spix and Blue-throated macaws.


Bird-inspired fashion could be the new hot trend taking over the runway. With its vibrant colors, fun patterns, and eye-catching designs, it's no wonder everyone wants to be a part of this movement. It's about time we start dressing up as our favorite feathered friends! If you need some inspiration—Beakwings will launch in 2023 with two unique polo shirts inspired by the Spix and Blue-throated Macaws, and this is just the beginning. Take part in this new fashion revolution!

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